Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went to my dad's on Father's Day, and all my girls wanted to do was swim.

My sister Colleen and Carson

My niece, Teagan

Boat ride on the lake.

Duck races.

Brandi's duck came in second place.

The second race about to begin.


Donna said...

These are Great sweetie! I Love the blue of the water! Great camera!
Looks like everyone had a FUN time!!hughugs

Elaine said...

You and the gang made the day very special!, Dad

Jennifer said...

:) LOL duck races!! LOVE IT!!!

great pics. your kiddos are little water rats just like mine. i swear trevor would live in my parents pool if i would let him. lol. even when he is blue and his teeth are chattering he doesn't want to get out. lol the girls went in for the first time this summer this past Sun with my dad and Trev and LOVED it... they did pretty good moving around too. :)

glad you had a nice father's day with your dad!!