Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our New Pool

The girls were sitting in the pool from the moment I started the hose, until it was full. They have already spent about 4 hours in it, and will probably go back out in a little while. Ryan jumped in, too, at the end, and had a ball. It was in full sun this afternoon, and as the sun moved, the pool was shaded for a bit, but is now in full sun for the rest of the day. Thanks again pool fairy!


Donna said...

Send the pool fairy down This way!!Hahaa...Lots of fun going on!!hughugd

Carrie said...

I bet the kids are enjoying the pool, our kids will go in theirs no matter what the weather is, sun or rain. Thanks for visiting Rantings and Camera Critter this week, I can't get your Critter site to open up here but all your other blogs seem fine. We visited "Riley" this weekend and got all kinds of pictures, check out the home blog to see some of them.

Jennifer said...

great pool.
glad the kids are enjoying and their summer.
love all the pics!!