Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation Pictures ~ Part One

getting ready to head out

as soon as we entered the campground, this beauty was waiting to greet us

Brandi, helping secure the gazebo

look at that swing!

our campsite went right into the water...which was awesome!

our view of the lake

Boo, hamming it up in the tent

me and Brandi hiding from the work

swimming, with Junior trying to catch bait

same thing...

the kids, swimming and about multi-tasking! lol!


that's Brandi's head out there in the water

these guys woke me up every much as I love ducks, by Saturday morning I was ready to kill them all!

more swimming...I am in the water, so these pictures were taken by Junior

I think this is Junior with the kids now

the campsite next to us had a mother and daughter...the girl was eleven, and became fast friends with my if you see a 4th kid, she's not mine! lol!

blowing bubbles in the water

I love this picture!
Kasi discovering what is inside the shell...gross

more bubbles

bubbles floating over the water

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