Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Sisters Visiting

me and the kids

boo in the bouncer from skating

kyle skating

kasi skating

kevin skating

my dad...blowing out the candles

boo and carson sliding
My dad, his wife, and all the grandkids

My kids, my nieces and my nephews

boo and carson in the sandbox

boo dyeing eggs

carson's blue hands

my kids Easter baskets

boo finding an egg

carson finding eggs

boo in her shades


Kristi said...

Your Easter pictures are wonderful.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Oh my gosh thats a ton of youngins!!! Whew!

Love the pics!

Donna said...

I Love all the pictures!! Dad's a looker as Well!Hahaaa...He takes after You!!hughugs

B Boys Mom said...

The kid's sure look like they had a great time.

Jennifer said...

:) glad you all enjoyed the visit.

i love the pics of you and the kids... gorgeous!! and yes, I'm talking about you!! :) you are!!

and I love the pic of your dad and his wife with all the kids and also the one of just the kids... those are GREAT!! how in the world did you get all the kids to sit there like that?? that's amazing.

you have a beautiful family!!