Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is It Summertime?

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Jennifer said...

LOVE the kids!! they are too cute!!

Love the pics!! the first one is GREAT!! the rest are great too! I love that Boo is holding Carson's hand in the pic! she is so darn cute!!
Love Kasi's bathing suite!! GREAT color for her!!
Ryan is growing up WAY too fast!! tell him to slow down please!! lol :)

LOVE the water ring!! that thing is wayyy tooo cool!! If we had some darn grass I'd get one for my kids... we ONLY have dirt and some flowers!! I'm disappointed but Bryan says he will work on that for me... and well mostly for the kids!!

I'm glad I stopped by tonight and I'm glad you stopped by my blog... I've missed being here more often. I'm sorry I didn't email you back yet either... but I will. I hope you are feeling better!!

xoxox lots of LOVE!!